Chances are, if you lived in a city for most of your life – you don’t need to make friends. You know everyone. Or at least the people you feel like you need to know. Well, isn’t that great. Congratulations. Now try moving to a NEW city at 33 years old, 1700 miles away from everyone you know, where you have to figure out how to not be a total loser.

When we moved to Nashville, I had so many people tell me that making friends would be EASY since everyone in the south is so nice. Well… they were half right: People here are great, but making friends is hard work. For starters, I have to be shamelessly shameless. Like, if you walk by me wearing Isabel Marant, I’m just going to assume we’ll like each other and probably give you my number. That’s slightly over-stating… but if you’re wearing Isabel Marant in an Instagram pic, I will TOTALLY GIVE YOU MY EMAIL. My criteria for hitting on new friends is basically the following:

  1. Are you a woman or gay man?
  2. Do you live anywhere remotely near Nashville?
  3. Are you available? Let’s hang.

I’ve honestly had to make a bigger effort in the last 3 months, than I’ve made in the last 30 years. If I’m tired (always), un-showered (sorry, don’t make morning plans with me), or don’t feel like a drink (haha jk) – I still have to get off my butt and make an effort. The good news however, is that my hard work is paying off. I’ve met so many cool people, who for some reason, have taken pity on my pathetic state. And lately, the only time I feel like a giant loser is when I mentally count the amount of new friends I’ve made while I’m driving in the car. (I hope my new cool friends don’t read this… nothing to see here, guys).

This is all new territory for me.. literally and figuratively. But you know how the saying goes: If you can make it in New York, you can make it in Nashville. Is that not how the saying goes? Well for the sake of conversation, let’s just agree on the logic. I TOTALLY GOT THIS!


  1. If you invite someone over for a BBQ, you better be serving ribs. It’s called a COOK OUT for anything else. You will have some very disappointed dinner guests if you get it wrong. Personally, I thought if you cook something ON a BBQ it qualified. Incorrect.
  2. Wine is expensive. Like, really really expensive. It can only be sold in liquor stores and therefore there is no inexpensive option. And it’s illegal to ship wine into the state. OMGGGGGGGG WHAT HAVE I DONE.
  3. Instead of making a right hand turn out of our neighborhood, we made a left and discovered Nolensville. It is 10 minutes down the road, one of the cutest little towns I’ve ever seen, and is home to Martin’s BBQ Joint.
  4. Cicadas are loud bugs.
  5. The weather report will always show thunderstorms because it’s basically a 50% chance on any given day.
  6. Do not call it a fruit salad because people think you are bringing something with mayonnaise in it. It’s called a bowl of fruit.
  7. The town of Franklin has an awesome farmer’s market with very fancy food trucks. Like I went to order hash browns and it was actually potatoes au gratin with gruyère.
  8. Sunday is the best time to get around town because everyone’s at church. Praise the Lord!
  9. When someone says “bless your heart” they are usually saying it with major side eye and shade.
  10. Humidity.