I took a couple of weeks off from my southern education to go hang out in LA and Hawaii. But I’m back at it, and the air is just as humid and the bugs are just as real. So here’s what’s new now that I have 3 months under my belt:

  1. Whiskey is from Tennessee, bourbon is from Kentucky. Period. Just like actual champagne can only be from the Champagne region of France, and anything else is just sparkling wine. This was all explained to me the other night by a horrified waiter with a vague look of disgust. Something about mash and rye and WHAT AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT. 4c9f5e8603334cf1ce787919578d993c
  2. Hush puppies are fried pieces of bread. See above for what the waiter’s face looked like when I asked what this was.
  3. There is a CPK IN NASHVILLE! There are also many, many, many excellent restaurants nominated for James Beard awards – but let me tell you – seeing California Pizza Kitchen brought me to tears.
  4. We have about 13 deer that live somewhere in the woods behind our house. Also, we have woods.
  5. Darius Rucker – you know, Hootie, from Hootie and the Blowfish – is apparently a really legit country star now. 
  6. My new friend (they are all “new” friends) Kristen, has a working theory that 1/3 of Nashville is left-handed. Way above the national average. We are in the process of getting to the bottom of it, so I’m sure you will remain on the edge of your seat until we have this mystery solved.
  7. I have more vegetarian friends in Nashville than I do in Los Angeles. I mean, can you even believe that? I can’t. I feel like I’m lying as I type this, but I know I’m not.
  8. In the Nashville Metro area… Red doesn’t necessarily mean stop, and green doesn’t necessarily mean go.. Those are just suggestions, really. If you want to live to see the next day, it’s advised to wait a beat when the light changes.
  9. The state bird is the Crane because NASHVILLE SKYLINE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION at all times. Get it? Tip your waitresses on the way out. 
  10. I have one friend who thinks I live in Texas and one who thinks I live in Kentucky. Nashville is in Tennessee just in case I didn’t do a good job of explaining that in prior posts. I know it’s confusing, because Connie Britton is in Friday Night Lights which is in Texas, AND she’s in the show Nashville… which is in Nashville.. so I can see how it would be hard to keep straight. And I used to be one of those people on the right or left coast that thought everything in the middle was just a 6 hour plane ride of like, grass. But low and behold, there are real live cities ALL OVER! And even this dude from London was able to get the state of Tennessee right (sorry people in…North Middle?). 


  1. Traffic here is real. It is legit. When we first moved here I was like, oh how cute they think they have traffic… Meanwhile, someone smarter than I am was probably like, oh how cute, the girl from LA thinks our traffic isn’t bad and isn’t going to leave enough time to get anywhere.
  2. The area south of Broadway is called SOBRO. And it’s not so so bro-y, but it’s pretty bro. So it makes me laugh every time I say it.
  3. Poison ivy is not just a character in Batman. It’s like, everywhere. I’ve been told you can tell it’s poison ivy if it has three leaves. Which is good to know, except that EVERYTHING looks like it has three leaves to me and I don’t think I should ever go outside.
  4. Fireflies! OMG they are amazing someone get me a mason jar so I can keep them on my porch forever.
  5. Don’t call it iced tea – it’s sweet tea or unsweetened tea. And if you say unsweetened people look at you like, why do you not like things that taste good?
  6. Crawfish isn’t that gross if you don’t think about it or look at it while you’re eating. 
  7. Dolly Parton has a program called Imagination Library to promote childhood literacy. You get FREE age-appropriate books from birth to 5 years old for each child! Love me some Dolly.
  8. Costco has an adjacent wine / liquor store at the exit. It’s not technically IN Costco so somehow they skirt the (insane) state liquor laws, but the prices are waaaaay better. Hallelujah.
  9. CMT = Country Music Television. My mother and I spent a pretty good amount of time trying to figure out what the T stood for and the closest we could get was Country Music Tunes. We are normally smart people. Anyway, it’s big here.
  10. Humidity because it bears repeating.