On Monday Stella started school at a place I personally loved, and she personally did not. I’ll tell you what I was in agreement about – the commute. It was 35 minutes each way, plus the time walking her in and out, to hit a grand total of 2 and a half hours each day. So… thanks.

On Tuesday we took her on a tour of a couple schools so she could pick her favorite. That actually worked really well and I was patting myself on the back for being such a progressive cool mom who lets their kids choose their fate like an action / adventure book. Well no good deed goes unpunished. Remember that.

On Wednesday (today), I wake up excited about Stella being excited to go to the school of her choosing. But shockingly (not shockingly) she was no longer excited and refused to get out of bed (it’s like she didn’t even REMEMBER how cool and progressive I was being). Naturally I forced her into clothes, forced fed her breakfast, and carted her off to the school SHE CHOSE. But 5 minutes after we got there, she started shaking and threw up everywhere. Twice. I am hoping with everything in me that it was not nerves, but just a tiny bug that passed through her system. And that somehow she will forget this ever happened and not end up scarred for life in a therapists office talking about the time her mom FORCED her to eat a big breakfast before going to school and puking in front of the entire student body.

Reeeeeally hoping.