When my mother called tonight, I said, “we just got home from our first crawfish boil!” And she said, “what’s a crawfish boil??” To which I replied, “I still am not 100% sure but it’s tables and tables of things that look like little shrimp-lobsters and people stand around eating them.” I actually think that’s a pretty good description. Maybe not an EXACT description, but it paints a picture. Our friend and neighbor, Ryan, taught me how to open the shell and eat it… It took a couple of tries, but I sort of got the hang of it, and actually liked it. He also got me a styrofoam cup of beer from a keg so i could pretend I was normal. And I liked that too! Who knows, I might end up fitting in here after all!


I’m going to consider this my first weekend. Last weekend was spent at Target and Home Depot getting things like box cutters.. So this was our first real Saturday in Nashville. My friend from LA set-up me up with her cousin who has kids the same age, and she invited us over for brunch today. That’s right – I’m blind dating moms. I DON’T CARE. But thank goodness for the setup because it was my first moment of “maybe I can live here.”

My new mom friend (yay I have friends) had just returned from New York with a suitcase full of bagels and lox on dry ice – so naturally I feel like we are meant to be. I honestly can’t believe that my first week in Nashville included bagels, lox, and whitefish from Russ & Daughters.