It’s been a big two months with our big move. Into a big house. With a lot of big rooms and even bigger closets. So naturally I’ve spent all my time happily arranging, organizing, and styling my house until I got it just right. And if my kids could just live in a separate building, it would STAY just right. But at least the constant cleaning up qualifies for exercise.

Since so many people have been asking for pictures, I thought I would take you on a little tour room by room. The only thing I’m leaving out is the lower level since that won’t be finished until the end of the year. In my dreams, that will be where our au pair lives. In John’s dreams, it will be some kind of music room and movie theater. In Stella’s dreams, it’s where Queen Elsa turns it into a Frozen ice palace. In Sutton’s dreams, it’s where Queen Elsa turns it into a Frozen ice palace because his big sister said so.


When you enter the front door, the dining room is on the right, and the office is on the left.

To the right of the entry table is a powder room. It’s fairly unremarkable except that it houses the pages from a 1920’s French magazine that I found.


The office is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It has huge windows, pitched ceilings, and is just not a bad place to spend time at the computer. I think this room was intended to either be a formal study or formal living room, but we had this desk built into the wall so it could function as a proper office.


The dining room is also one of my favorite rooms in the house because I’m a sucker for a coffered ceiling. We kept the room in a gray scale to compliment the Jim Marshall photos hanging on the wall. My husband, being a photographer, was insistent that ONLY Jim Marshall photos hang in this room. I’ve always loved these pictures, but now that we live in Music City, they feel more at home. Particularly the one of Johnny Cash giving us the finger from San Quentin.

In between the dining room and great room is a butler’s pantry.


This room is the heart of the house. Living in an open floor-plan was new to me since our previous home was built in the 30’s and was so compartmentalized. But I’m finding that large open spaces can be just as cozy.

The doors off the great room lead out to the back porch. I’d take a picture, but it’s too hot. Sorry.



The kitchen is right off the great room (like everything else?) so we spend a lot of time here. It’s also where the food is, so we’d spend a lot of time here regardless. I love the mercury glass pendant lights, the beveled edge subway tile, and the marble herringbone backsplash. But again, I also just love any place that has food in it.

Our breakfast room (otherwise known as the place we eat all our meals since we never use the dining room) is adjacent to the kitchen.

There’s also a door leading to the back porch, and yet another dining table. We try to eat outside when it’s not 10,000 degrees which so far has been about 3 times.


Look… I am a Californian girl. We don’t have mud rooms. So just allow me the indulgence of loving EVERYTHING about the smallest room in the house.


Since we now live so far from our friends and family, I tried to create a guest room that people actually wanted to stay in while visiting. Like checking into a nice hotel.


Nothing particular to note. I just think it’s fun doing laundry rooms.


This is my favorite part of the house. As it should be.

Okay… MY BATHROOM. I can’t.

Also pretty excited by my closet…

I even let John share it (a small section) with me!


The kids own the entire second floor. Their playroom and bedrooms are upstairs which means so is the mess. It’s basically the best.

The best part about this playroom is right behind the above doors. It might look like cabinets, but it’s actually a humongous storage room that doubles as a secondary playroom. It also houses toys that don’t need to be out all the time.

It also gives me a place to hang Stella’s artwork because you know it’s not going on the fridge.

Stella and Sutton’s rooms are right off the playroom, and I love the wall that separates them. On the right side, it’s a drawing of Tinker Bell, and on the left side, it’s a drawing of Michael Darling dressed as Indian Brave, and both are flanked by Sweet Dreams and Sleep Tight.


Can you guess what her favorite color is? You’d be correct if you said pink.

The branch above her dresser is a piece of the large cherry blossom tree decal that used to be in her room. I cried when we had to take it down for the move, and I smuggled a piece of it in my suitcase!

Here’s Stella’s closet. I hope she never accuses of me of not doing anything for her.

And her bathroom.


Sutton’s room has ONLY the toys Stella can’t lift or isn’t interested in. Virtually everything else has been stolen.

So that’s what our house looks like. For now. Because you know I love a project.


1. There are at least three Jews in Nashville, and potentially more. I had lunch with two of them, and between the three of us, we might be able to start our own congregation.

2. Roundabouts. WTF. It’s a miracle I haven’t been in multiple car accidents because every day is an adventure in driving.

3. All sodas are called “cokes.” Which is very confusing, because to me, there are a lot of sodas that are not in fact cokes. But that’s just me and I am no longer living in me-world.

4. “No you’re fine!” is the way people say “that’s okay” or “don’t worry” here. This is the phrase I’ve had the hardest time incorporating because it just does NOT want to roll off my tongue. And I’m telling you, it’s more common than saying y’all. I make 1,000,000 mistakes each day so I get a LOT of “no you’re fine!’s”

5. It’s not THE 65. It’s just 65. Or 440. Or whatever highway (interstate? I don’t know what it’s called!!?!) is named. This might also be the hardest thing I say each day because it feels so unnatural. I don’t think I will ever get it right ughghghg.

6. Pimento cheese. It tastes good if you don’t read the ingredients.

7. Horn honking is not accepted unless you are literally seconds from colliding with another car.

8. Not EVERYONE is nice here because there was that one jerk from West Eim. Almost everyone else is though.

9. There are only two Trader Joes in the state of Tennessee. I live 25 minutes from said Trader Joes and make a pilgrimage every week.

10. Mosquito bites are like having chicken pox, but every day.


  1. If you invite someone over for a BBQ, you better be serving ribs. It’s called a COOK OUT for anything else. You will have some very disappointed dinner guests if you get it wrong. Personally, I thought if you cook something ON a BBQ it qualified. Incorrect.
  2. Wine is expensive. Like, really really expensive. It can only be sold in liquor stores and therefore there is no inexpensive option. And it’s illegal to ship wine into the state. OMGGGGGGGG WHAT HAVE I DONE.
  3. Instead of making a right hand turn out of our neighborhood, we made a left and discovered Nolensville. It is 10 minutes down the road, one of the cutest little towns I’ve ever seen, and is home to Martin’s BBQ Joint.
  4. Cicadas are loud bugs.
  5. The weather report will always show thunderstorms because it’s basically a 50% chance on any given day.
  6. Do not call it a fruit salad because people think you are bringing something with mayonnaise in it. It’s called a bowl of fruit.
  7. The town of Franklin has an awesome farmer’s market with very fancy food trucks. Like I went to order hash browns and it was actually potatoes au gratin with gruyère.
  8. Sunday is the best time to get around town because everyone’s at church. Praise the Lord!
  9. When someone says “bless your heart” they are usually saying it with major side eye and shade.
  10. Humidity.


The only other time I’ve ever experienced such crushing “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” is when I had my first child. But the good news – it worked out and she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. That’s what I’m hoping with our move to Nashville. At the moment, I’m having daily panic attacks and crying in the aisles of Target, but I know it will get better. Until then, I’m spending my time color categorizing my bookshelves and unpacking 1 trillion boxes.



My husband is a saint. He’s been dealing with the movers, the appliance delivery, the cable company, the alarm company, etc etc. The last two days he has unpacked so much and gotten the house in order for our arrival on Friday.

     There are still a million more things to do, but it’s coming together box by box. It’s pretty frustrating to not be there to organize and arrange, but trust me…..I will have that house whipped into shape within a few days.

What he hasn’t had to deal with, is the sad reality of saying so many goodbyes. It’s basically the most painful week I’ve ever spent. Hour after hour of hugs and tears and I’ll see you soons. But even with the extreme sadness, I’m excited about the adventure ahead. The anticipation is finally going to be over and we get to dive in and explore our new life.


Today is moving IN day, I’m just not there to be a part of it. But John is in Nashville to meet the moving trucks, and to close escrow, and unpack boxes, and all the other things that need to happen before we get out there. But LOOK at how amazing the house is turning out…

             I actually can’t believe we get to LIVE here in just two more days. More moving-in pics to come, but this is from day one on the ground.

Also, John unpacked the wine glasses before unpacking any other box. My hero.