1. Garden & Gun is the real name of a real magazine. But what’s more – it’s a CHIC magazine. My west coast snobbery refuses to believe this is possible, but it is. Like Southern Living meets Town and Country meets girls who I’m pretty sure shoot guns.

Garden & Gun

2. Someone told me it’s humid here in the WINTER. Is that possible? Are they trying to get me to leave town? I can’t figure this one out.

3. Carnton Plantation in Franklin was home to the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, and oh right, we came very close to buying a house next door without knowing this information. WHOOPS! Don’t like ghosts.

4. We have a college football team named the Tennessee Volunteers. Part two of this piece of information is that apparently we aren’t supposed to be Volunteers fans since they aren’t any good, but I feel like the person who told me this is conspiring with the girl who told me it’s humid in the winter.

5. This one’s embarrassing… but while we are on the topic of sports teams, I learned the hard way we have a hockey team called the Predators. SOMEONE needs to inform the NHL that when out-of-towners are googling facts about their new city, it’s super creepy to keep seeing sites dedicated to Nashville Predators. I honestly thought it was like a neighborhood watch group for sex offenders.

6. THERE IS A PLACE THAT SELLS WINE ON SUNDAY! One place. Just one. The Winery at Belle Meade Plantation. Since it’s technically a non-profit (all proceeds benefit the historic plantation), they are able to still sell wine on Sundays. I think you can all expect me filing for 501c3 status shortly. I am going to be SO CHARITABLE.

The Winery at Belle Meade

7. Not everyone drives American cars and trucks here. I genuinely thought I was going to have to sell my Audi and get a Chevy lest I be judged. File this under the many dumb things Clea assumed.

8. A bug flew on my porch this week that can only be described as a cross between an orange moth, butterfly, and velociraptor.  I still can’t talk about it.

9. That sound I keep hearing at night.. turns out it’s frogs. Who knew.

10. If you eat 3 biscuits each week you will gain weight.


The 4th of July this year, in a word, sucked. Which is tough because I’ve been dealing with brutal homesickness lately and really could have used a star spangled day.

On the docket: A street festival in downtown Franklin concluding with a kids parade at 5pm, a cookout (formerly known as a BBQ) and dinner outside, fireworks at 9.

In reality: We wake up to dark rain clouds that do not understand patriotism. But WE do, so we dutifully put on our red, white, and blue attire and head over to Franklin. There were a ton of vendors and food trucks, and a live band, and bounce houses for the kids.. But there is just nothing fun about a looming rain storm. We walk down the street, take a picture with some flags, and pretty much run back to the car MINUTES before it started absolutely pouring.

And it kept raining. And raining. We ate outside anyway since the back porch is covered, but it was so depressingly gloomy. Not shockingly, the fireworks in our neighborhood were cancelled because it turns out it’s hard to watch fireworks in a monsoon. Downtown Nashville still had fireworks, but at that point, there’s no way we were going downtown in said monsoon. I actually think the only major win on the 4th was for the M80 business, because no storm was going to stop our freedom loving neighborhood from enjoying loud explosives while terrifying dogs and waking sleeping children.

The moral of the story: Droughts are bad, but on the 4th of July, droughts are kind of helpful. 2016 in Los Angeles.


I love farmer’s markets. I even love the idea of them. I picture myself walking around with baskets of fresh flowers and buying all the produce for the week’s meals. That is literally NEVER what happens, but I still like thought. The reality is that I eat a lot of baked goods and take pictures of all the fresh flowers and produce.

The perk of this particular farmer’s market is that it’s flooded with food trucks. Even a DONUT food truck. Who on earth needs fresh fruit when you can have a fresh donut from Ellie’s? I highly recommend the Cinnamon Sugar and Big Apple.


The ONE time I visited Nashville before moving here (which was to buy a house – so not too long ago…) we went to Puckett’s in Downton Franklin. I have to say, it sold me then and it sold me now. It was the first moment where i thought, “Okay, I can live here.” The food is ridiculous and the live music is the cherry on top. Even at 1 year old, Sutton sat there mesmerized by the sounds of Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles. We had to force him to turn around to eat! Good thing he eats like a medieval viking and put away an entire plate of pulled chicken and pork.

Can’t wait to go back, but after the mess Sutton made, our picture is probably posted in the back….



The best remedy for homesickness is to find great new places to go and things to do. Not to mention food – that’s a good remedy for everything. So finding a new restaurant this cute, really hit the spot. The chalkboards, the cafe lights, the mugs and mason jars… It wasn’t even playing fair. Of course I was going to love it.

To be honest, I didn’t even need the food to be good because I was just enjoying sitting at the cute vintage table. But good news, it was delicious. Highly recommend the grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. At some point I should stop eating away my feelings and get a salad, but today is not that day.