The weather report in Nashville is typically cloudy with a chance of rain, sun, wind, hail, thunder, and rainbows. You just never know what you’re going to get, and chances are, it’s at least 3 of the above during the course of a day. So for people who like footwear, it’s kind of conundrum. Hunter is ALWAYS my go-to for rain, but in Los Angeles…. it was just a pipe dream. Here, it’s a reality! Like an actual necessity. I can look my husband in the eye and say, “I need to buy all of this,” without even lying.

I put together some of my rainy day go-to’s from this season (Hunter included!) below. If you need something tall, something short, something black, or something neutral – you’re covered. Literally.
Rain style

Topshop waist belt

Petit bateau

Hunter boots

Hunter rain boots


Here’s the problem with 99.9% of diaper bags: They are ugly. They are also a necessary evil that all mom’s succumb to. We don’t like them, but we need them. And now that I’m on my second child, I’ve been collecting good looking diaper bags like it’s my job. Which it isn’t. But that would be a GREAT job to have. My most current purchase was the Jenni Kayne for Pottery Barn Kids diaper bag, which I LOVE. It’s so chic, so functional, and even takes advantage of the bucket bag trend. Diaper bags SHOULD follow trends, because it’s not like you’re going to wear it more than a couple of years any way.

But for those who want a bag they can carry all the way to their daughter’s high school graduation, I recommend the Mansur. It’s not an actual “diaper bag” but if you throw in an insert or pouch, it does the job. The canvas version is really durable and the price point is high for a diaper bag, but low for a forever(ish) bag. And I tell my husband that EVERYTHING I buy will last me forever. (#lol)

Diaper Bags


Stella’s SECOND first day of school was today. After a false start on Monday and puking at drop-off on Wednesday, Friday was going to be the day it worked. It had to be the day it worked. AND THANK YOU LORD IT WORKED. To get her excited about going (back) to school after the puking incident, I bribed her with a shopping trip for school clothes. I told her she could get alllllll the hideously ugly princess outfits, shoes, and accessories she could find. Let me tell you what though… do not make that promise to a girl if you’re bluffing. They will take you up on it. Stella picked every piece of Frozen gear, princess shoes, Hello Kitty sweatshirts, and Little Mermaid t-shirts ever made.

  But because she’s my child, my plan worked and she was actually excited about going (back) to her first day of school. 3 outfit changes and 2 packed back-up dresses later, and we were out the door. As soon as we walked on the playground she took off running with the girls in her class without an issue. No puking, no crying, no scene. When I picked her up, she was all smiles and even admitted (what?!) that she had FUN! Shocking. So glad I didn’t sleep for the last 72 hours thinking my child was permanently and irreparably damaged. Resilience is a virtue and I’m glad kids seem to have it. But I guess we have wine, so it evens out.