Look, I missed a week or two of posts.. But read my last entry and you’ll see why. I’ve just been busy! And don’t you want me to be busy? So I’m not just your loser friend who moved to Nashville and binge watches reality TV while drinking champagne? Okay fine, I do that too. Now without further adieu:

  1. I went to temple on Yom Kippur (there ARE jews here) and the temple is called The Temple. Because what would you confuse it with? Another temple? Nope.
  2. I just found out that Sheryl Crow bought a CHURCH on EBAY and had it shipped to her Nashville house. When I say house, I think it’s more like kingdom of barns and architectural digest mansion – but I haven’t been, so let’s just call it a house. Still, she bought a church on ebay. And paid for shipping. Even Kanye West hasn’t done that. 
  3. Speaking of churches, I’ve discovered two types of Sunday traffic patterns: Utterly deserted and flying around town like you own the city, and DEAD STOPPED because church just let out. Avoid the latter.
  4. Pretty much everyone I have become friends with in Nashville is married to a Jeffrey or a Jermey. I have no idea who is who so as their name is coming out of my mouth its a 50% chance I’m getting it wrong.
  5. I went to brunch at Josephine, a restaurant in 12 South. I ordered the J’breakfast. The waitress was relatively mortified and told me it was the “J Breakfast” and not to be an uppity french asshole. My bad! Also, missed opportunity Josephine… J’breakfast is tres chic.
  6. I was told “you can’t swing a dead cat” is a southern expression… Well let me say for the record, it’s a GROSS one. But fine, I looked it up, because that’s what I do.. And the etymology is from the Mark Twain book Innocents Abroad. The book is about being abroad. Not in the South. But do we take credit for all things Mark Twain? Like how we take credit for all things Taylor Swift? What the hell, add it to the list.
  7. Taylor Swift, her holiness, came to town and IT WAS THE MOST FUN NIGHT EVER. Like, ever. I went on Friday and saw her perform with Steven Tyler and thought it was the best. Then John shot the second night and Mick Jagger came out. So number 1, a night of marital difficulty. Number 2, I want to kill myself just thinking about it. Here’s one of John’s show-offy-look-how-great-life-is pics. 
  8. Don’t hate me but gas is $1.95… It just keeps on dropping!!! Like will it be free one day? I DON’T KNOW!!!!
  9. A couple of days ago it was really windy and there was some pollen fluttering around the house. Stella thought it was snow. This might not go well in the winter!
  10. You can ship lox and bagels from New York. I know this because I just organized someone’s house where he had a file of lox and bagel receipts. #goals 


1. There is a bug called a Chigger. What. The. Do bugs have a PR department? Someone needs to get this name changed because it is actually the worst.

2. It’s worth trying to drink a Moscow Mule because they are served in the cutest copper cups.

3. One of my FAVORITE BRANDS ever, Turkish-T, is based in Nashville and I never knew it. Currently trying to figure out how to get them to hire me.

4. There is a lot of attention right now on anything bearing a confederate flag or symbol – but nothing compares to the statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest off I-65. General Forrest was a general for the Confederate Army, but also the first Grand Wizard of the KKK. So clearly…. his likeness surrounded by several confederate flags sparks some controversy. But there is no way even the most offended person can look at this statue without laughing. It’s literally so ridiculous looking that Gawker had to chime in on the debate.

5. Second part to the General Forrest statue: THAT’S the general that Forrest Gump was named after! Remember when he said he was named after some army general that used to ride around on a horse in bed sheets? And that his mama named him that as a reminder that sometimes people “do things that just don’t make no sense” – remember?? I did. At 10pm last night…So I naturally I spent the next hour researching Forrest Gump trivia to verify my evolving theory.

6. Cheekwood Gardens, from my last post, was actually a 55 acre estate owned by the Maxwell House Coffee family (the Cheeks). The current museum sits in their former 30,000 sq foot mansion. Moral of the story: Invent a coffee brand.

7. More people are on Zyrtec in Tennessee than anywhere else in the country. Bummer.

8. The Peach Truck. OMG it’s the best. It was founded by a married couple: The wife was from the north and the husband was from the south, and they settled in Nashville. But when he discovered he couldn’t get decent peaches in Tennessee, he made it his mission to drive down to Georgia farms, bring them back by the ton, and sell them right out of his car. And now they have many, many trucks. And Uber, who will deliver the peaches as well. (**I still think there’s more money in coffee)

9. Shopping carts are called “buggies” here. I’m sorry, but no. I’m a grown-ass woman and will not call a cart a buggy.

10. Gas is $2.63 #sorrynotsorry


Being so far away from friends and family means we get visitors. Which means I’ve done more touristy things in the last 7 weeks here than most people have done in their whole natural Nashville lives.

Cheekwood is one of the places I insist people visit because it is truly the most magical place I’ve ever been. There is an exhibit right now with Spanish artist Jaume Plensa that cannot be missed. There is no point in describing it because it’s indescribable. So I’m just going to leave these pictures right here…. Enjoy.


I’m from California.. we take Mexican food seriously. And while the good people over at Chipotle are well intentioned, they have no idea how to make a proper taco. So you can imagine how excited John and I were to try Mas Tacos in East Nashville. We have been hearing about since we got here (seriously, even our electrician said we needed to go) and we finally made it over to the east part of town.

Upon approach, the giant DELIcious signage leads me to believe the owners are putting all their hard earned money into the amazing corn tortilla’s and not paying a dime to paint over the former tenants roof. Once you get inside, your mouth starts watering because nothing has ever smelled so good. Then the food. Holy guacamole. Just kidding, they are too hip for guacamole, but the TACOS are everything. Each taco is $3 which includes “onions, cilantro, and tax.” Usually, I only enjoy 1 out of 3 of those, but I’m sure glad I made an exception. I opted for 1 cast iron chicken taco with salsa verde and 1 spicy carne molida taco. And the Mexican street corn because obviously. It was all delicious, and if the line hadn’t been out the door and down the street, I would have ordered seconds.

PS: Guy in green shorts below for the win.


Move over Colette – I have a new favorite store.. and it’s off Paris Avenue, not in Paris, France. White’s Mercantile is basically, the store of my dreams. Let’s start with the owner, Holly. Of course she has amazing taste and amazing style, but she also named her daughter Stella June. So if Stella June and Stella Blue don’t end up best friends forever, it will be a real missed opportunity.

As for the actual store located in 12 South.. It is perfection. From the outside, its white brick, black planters, and red flowers. The flags, market lights, and vintage coke fridge, tell you everything you need to know about what’s inside.

White’s Mercantile is an updated, and highly curated, general store carrying everything from Rag & Bone and Golden Goose, to Turkish-T towels, to John Derian dishes. So needless to say, I didn’t have a CHANCE when I walked in for the first time. I left with a new kitchen utensil holder, spoon rest, clothes for Sutton Gray (also probably should start a band with Stella June and Stella Blue), outdoor cups, towels, a bracelet, and a braided leather key chain. I could have kept on going but I figured I would leave a few things for me to buy on the next visit. Tomorrow.

Location: 2908 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204 // Hours: 10am-6pm



You know what would be hilarious? Move to a new city where you know nothing, and then have friends come visit you 3 weeks later and pretend to be knowledgable and informed. Meanwhile, I need navigation to get to the nearest grocery store. But sure, I’m game! Let’s do it!

The Marlos, consisting of Mary Michael, Dave, Claire, and Grant arrived on Thursday afternoon and were leaving on Saturday – so my itinerary had to be pretty compact. It also had to be pretty GOOD since I’m campaigning for them to move to Nashville. I think for 2 and a half days, I did a pretty decent job. Please note: If any of y’all come visit me for 2 days, you will likely get the same tour so don’t be surprised.


  • Lunch at Burger Up in 12 South. SOOOOO GOOD. Need to go back since it deserves it’s own post.
  • Walked around and looked at all the cute shops.
  • Ice cream popsicles at Las Paletas. Again, this needs it’s own post because I can’t. I CAN’T!!! I’m obsessed and if I lived near this place I would be 400 pounds because it’s all I would eat.
  • Dinner at Puckett’s in Downtown Franklin. I don’t care if you’re visiting for 2 days or 2 weeks, this is somewhere I will take you. I love the food, the atmosphere, the live music at night, even their bottles of BBQ sauce. And it’s in the historic part of Franklin so you get some charm served with your chicken.
  • Ice cream (this is becoming a theme) at Kilwin’s Candy Store. And some fudge samples but seriously stop judging me.
White's Mercantile
White’s Mercantile
Kilwin's Candy Shop
Kilwin’s Candy Shop
Downtown Franklin
Downtown Franklin


Those Marlo kids get up early. I woke up at 7:30 and they had been up for 2 hours. So breakfast turned into the quickest thing we could get to..

  • Breakfast at Mama Java. From the outside, I thought this was going to be kind of like a Starbucks and I was getting ready to apologize. But when we walked in, it had great communal tables made of reclaimed wood, cool vintage signs hanging, and a full breakfast menu. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING AND PLANNED THIS. I didn’t. But the biscuits were homemade and the coffee was amazing so I’m adding it to my future lists.
  • Snack and Iced Tea (unsweet tea? I still don’t know how to say it) at Crema. I love Crema. I love everything out about it. File this under a longer post at a later time.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame. Obsessed. We were only able to see a pretty small section since it’s massive, but this place is amazing.
  • Dinner at Desano’s Pizza. The pizza was so good, but the best part of the night was that I was so focused on ordering wine that I missed Sutton take his first steps. I was up at the counter trying to concentrate on the menu and everyone was calling me to come see… But no, I REALLY was focused on the wine list. Mom of the year per usual.
Country Music Hall of Fame
Country Music Hall of Fame
Country Music Hall of Fame
Country Music Hall of Fame


Those Marlo kids wake up early every day. But this time we had our agenda planned!

  • Breakfast at The Feed Mill in Nolensville. It does not get more awesome than this place. You pay for your plate and get 3 breads, 3 meats, and eggs. The biscuits are worth the weight I will gain by eating all of them.
  • My next mission was to take them on a driving tour of the neighborhoods in and around Nashville. Not just the hip parts, but the parts they might actually want to move to. Now remember, I have basically spent zero time going anywhere but Target and Whole Foods, so I am largely unequipped for this tour. But thanks to Google Maps and Nashville Guru, I kind of pulled it off. We started in Belle Meade just to see the Beverly Hillsy area of the city, and get a quick glimpse of the plantation (um, myself included because I’ve never seen it). Then we did Hillsboro Village for lunch, Sylvan Park, Green Hills, Belmont / Hillsboro, and then back to 12 South for another ice cream popsicle because I told you I would go there every day and to stop judging me. Right across from Las Paletas is Sevier Park so we walked over and let the kids run around a bit. The humidity was magically non existent, the skies were blue, and there was a breeze. I mean, I would totally move to Nashville if I hadn’t already moved.
  • Quick detour down Music Row on the way to dinner to see all the record labels, publishing houses, etc that line the streets.
  • Dinner at Adele’s. Our local favorite and much like Puckett’s, where everyone who visits us will likely dine. And they have the best kale salad which makes people from California feel warm and fuzzy.
The Feed Mill
The Feed Mill
The Feed Mill
The Feed Mill
The Feed Mill
The Feed Mill
The Feed Mill
The Feed Mill
Hillsboro Village
Hillsboro Village
Dragon Park
Dragon Park
Sevier Park
Sevier Park

And that’s a wrap on the family-of-four-who-might-move-to-nashville guide.