1. Apparently tea cozies are different than beer koozies. Why would someone give a slightly different name to something that’s so similar? One’s to keep it warm, and one’s to keep it cold? Did they intend on making me look stupid in front of my southern counterparts? Did they WANT me to look like a Californian tea drinker? Whatever. So rude.
  2. Y’all. There are snakes out here. I really can’t talk about it or I will be on the first plane to wherever there are no snakes.. But my neighbors have indeed informed me that they exist. And don’t tell me that they aren’t poisonous BECAUSE I DON’T CARE. They still make me want to light myself on fire. I also purchased $150 of various snake repellents on Amazon that may or may not do a single thing.
  3. There is a historical place here called The Hermitage. It was home to president Andrew Jackson and it’s pronounced like Hermitedge. In one quickly spoken word. So just a quick heads up if you come here from LA, do NOT pronounce it like L’Hermitage (L’Air-mi-taj) or you will sound like a real asshole. 
  4. My friend just got a gel manicure and gel pedicure for $110 WTF LOL.
  5. BUT gas is now $2.05.
  6. There is a state or county fair every week. I can’t even keep up. I feel like there are even state fairs for OTHER states.
  7. John finally gave in and had to register his car in TN – but the upside is they have the greatest license plate options EVER. You just flip through a book, pick which one you want, and they pull it out of a drawer. Kind of like getting an ice cream cake at Baskin Robins.
  8. I found an AMAAAAAZING store in Cool Springs, and Cool Springs is the least cool place of all time. It’s 15 minutes away from our house and as close to White’s Mercantile as you can get outside of Nashville proper. Separate post coming soon.
  9. My neighbors drive around with boxed wine and red cups in their car because YOU NEVER KNOW. 
  10. I’ve been told I’ll need Uggs. 


1. There is a bug called a Chigger. What. The. Do bugs have a PR department? Someone needs to get this name changed because it is actually the worst.

2. It’s worth trying to drink a Moscow Mule because they are served in the cutest copper cups.

3. One of my FAVORITE BRANDS ever, Turkish-T, is based in Nashville and I never knew it. Currently trying to figure out how to get them to hire me.

4. There is a lot of attention right now on anything bearing a confederate flag or symbol – but nothing compares to the statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest off I-65. General Forrest was a general for the Confederate Army, but also the first Grand Wizard of the KKK. So clearly…. his likeness surrounded by several confederate flags sparks some controversy. But there is no way even the most offended person can look at this statue without laughing. It’s literally so ridiculous looking that Gawker had to chime in on the debate.

5. Second part to the General Forrest statue: THAT’S the general that Forrest Gump was named after! Remember when he said he was named after some army general that used to ride around on a horse in bed sheets? And that his mama named him that as a reminder that sometimes people “do things that just don’t make no sense” – remember?? I did. At 10pm last night…So I naturally I spent the next hour researching Forrest Gump trivia to verify my evolving theory.

6. Cheekwood Gardens, from my last post, was actually a 55 acre estate owned by the Maxwell House Coffee family (the Cheeks). The current museum sits in their former 30,000 sq foot mansion. Moral of the story: Invent a coffee brand.

7. More people are on Zyrtec in Tennessee than anywhere else in the country. Bummer.

8. The Peach Truck. OMG it’s the best. It was founded by a married couple: The wife was from the north and the husband was from the south, and they settled in Nashville. But when he discovered he couldn’t get decent peaches in Tennessee, he made it his mission to drive down to Georgia farms, bring them back by the ton, and sell them right out of his car. And now they have many, many trucks. And Uber, who will deliver the peaches as well. (**I still think there’s more money in coffee)

9. Shopping carts are called “buggies” here. I’m sorry, but no. I’m a grown-ass woman and will not call a cart a buggy.

10. Gas is $2.63 #sorrynotsorry


Being so far away from friends and family means we get visitors. Which means I’ve done more touristy things in the last 7 weeks here than most people have done in their whole natural Nashville lives.

Cheekwood is one of the places I insist people visit because it is truly the most magical place I’ve ever been. There is an exhibit right now with Spanish artist Jaume Plensa that cannot be missed. There is no point in describing it because it’s indescribable. So I’m just going to leave these pictures right here…. Enjoy.


I’m from California.. we take Mexican food seriously. And while the good people over at Chipotle are well intentioned, they have no idea how to make a proper taco. So you can imagine how excited John and I were to try Mas Tacos in East Nashville. We have been hearing about since we got here (seriously, even our electrician said we needed to go) and we finally made it over to the east part of town.

Upon approach, the giant DELIcious signage leads me to believe the owners are putting all their hard earned money into the amazing corn tortilla’s and not paying a dime to paint over the former tenants roof. Once you get inside, your mouth starts watering because nothing has ever smelled so good. Then the food. Holy guacamole. Just kidding, they are too hip for guacamole, but the TACOS are everything. Each taco is $3 which includes “onions, cilantro, and tax.” Usually, I only enjoy 1 out of 3 of those, but I’m sure glad I made an exception. I opted for 1 cast iron chicken taco with salsa verde and 1 spicy carne molida taco. And the Mexican street corn because obviously. It was all delicious, and if the line hadn’t been out the door and down the street, I would have ordered seconds.

PS: Guy in green shorts below for the win.


Move over Colette – I have a new favorite store.. and it’s off Paris Avenue, not in Paris, France. White’s Mercantile is basically, the store of my dreams. Let’s start with the owner, Holly. Of course she has amazing taste and amazing style, but she also named her daughter Stella June. So if Stella June and Stella Blue don’t end up best friends forever, it will be a real missed opportunity.

As for the actual store located in 12 South.. It is perfection. From the outside, its white brick, black planters, and red flowers. The flags, market lights, and vintage coke fridge, tell you everything you need to know about what’s inside.

White’s Mercantile is an updated, and highly curated, general store carrying everything from Rag & Bone and Golden Goose, to Turkish-T towels, to John Derian dishes. So needless to say, I didn’t have a CHANCE when I walked in for the first time. I left with a new kitchen utensil holder, spoon rest, clothes for Sutton Gray (also probably should start a band with Stella June and Stella Blue), outdoor cups, towels, a bracelet, and a braided leather key chain. I could have kept on going but I figured I would leave a few things for me to buy on the next visit. Tomorrow.

Location: 2908 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204 // Hours: 10am-6pm



1. There are at least three Jews in Nashville, and potentially more. I had lunch with two of them, and between the three of us, we might be able to start our own congregation.

2. Roundabouts. WTF. It’s a miracle I haven’t been in multiple car accidents because every day is an adventure in driving.

3. All sodas are called “cokes.” Which is very confusing, because to me, there are a lot of sodas that are not in fact cokes. But that’s just me and I am no longer living in me-world.

4. “No you’re fine!” is the way people say “that’s okay” or “don’t worry” here. This is the phrase I’ve had the hardest time incorporating because it just does NOT want to roll off my tongue. And I’m telling you, it’s more common than saying y’all. I make 1,000,000 mistakes each day so I get a LOT of “no you’re fine!’s”

5. It’s not THE 65. It’s just 65. Or 440. Or whatever highway (interstate? I don’t know what it’s called!!?!) is named. This might also be the hardest thing I say each day because it feels so unnatural. I don’t think I will ever get it right ughghghg.

6. Pimento cheese. It tastes good if you don’t read the ingredients.

7. Horn honking is not accepted unless you are literally seconds from colliding with another car.

8. Not EVERYONE is nice here because there was that one jerk from West Eim. Almost everyone else is though.

9. There are only two Trader Joes in the state of Tennessee. I live 25 minutes from said Trader Joes and make a pilgrimage every week.

10. Mosquito bites are like having chicken pox, but every day.


  1. Traffic here is real. It is legit. When we first moved here I was like, oh how cute they think they have traffic… Meanwhile, someone smarter than I am was probably like, oh how cute, the girl from LA thinks our traffic isn’t bad and isn’t going to leave enough time to get anywhere.
  2. The area south of Broadway is called SOBRO. And it’s not so so bro-y, but it’s pretty bro. So it makes me laugh every time I say it.
  3. Poison ivy is not just a character in Batman. It’s like, everywhere. I’ve been told you can tell it’s poison ivy if it has three leaves. Which is good to know, except that EVERYTHING looks like it has three leaves to me and I don’t think I should ever go outside.
  4. Fireflies! OMG they are amazing someone get me a mason jar so I can keep them on my porch forever.
  5. Don’t call it iced tea – it’s sweet tea or unsweetened tea. And if you say unsweetened people look at you like, why do you not like things that taste good?
  6. Crawfish isn’t that gross if you don’t think about it or look at it while you’re eating. 
  7. Dolly Parton has a program called Imagination Library to promote childhood literacy. You get FREE age-appropriate books from birth to 5 years old for each child! Love me some Dolly.
  8. Costco has an adjacent wine / liquor store at the exit. It’s not technically IN Costco so somehow they skirt the (insane) state liquor laws, but the prices are waaaaay better. Hallelujah.
  9. CMT = Country Music Television. My mother and I spent a pretty good amount of time trying to figure out what the T stood for and the closest we could get was Country Music Tunes. We are normally smart people. Anyway, it’s big here.
  10. Humidity because it bears repeating.