It’s 2016 so naturally I need to make some resolutions. The first couple are easy:

  1. Drink at LEAST as many glasses of water per day as glasses of wine.
  2. Cook more. Okay fine, cook at all.

But the main thing I’d like to accomplish this year is to cut myself some slack. Sometimes I let my family, my over-achiever friends, that skinny mom at school drop off who ALREADY went to pilates, get the best of me. And honestly, I’m sick of feeling like I have to defendΒ the way I am. I’m not a fun mom, I’m not a mom who does crafts, I’m not a mom who bakes, and I’m really really not sorry. I’m a busy mom, and a working mom, and well-dressed mom (my kids will thank me later for that one), and I think that’s perfectly fine.

You know what else? John does all of the above better than I do. He will even play dolls. WHAT IS WORSE THAN PLAYING DOLLS. Nothing. But he will do it and I won’t. Mommy enjoys more task driven games… like cleaning. And organizing bookshelves. But I’M fine with that. And if my kids aren’t, well there’s nothing a Disney movie can’t fix, amirite?

So for 2016, I’m vowing to not give a shit. I’m okay being me.Β Cheers, y’all.