I feel like I have to document my last day as an LA resident, but the truth is, it’s been the hardest day of my life. The amount of goodbyes killed me – but Stella having to say goodbye to her friends at school is not something I will ever forget. The kids made her a memory box and we had a popsicle party. They hugged and opened their arms wide to show how much they would miss each other. They made little mementos and brought cards.

Meanwhile……….I was on the sidelines bawling and sobbing and convulsing. There are moments where I question why we are doing this, and today was one of those moments. Not because I question Nashville, but because the move is tearing people apart and causing so much sadness. I’m trying to focus on the positive, but today is a hard one.



My husband is a saint. He’s been dealing with the movers, the appliance delivery, the cable company, the alarm company, etc etc. The last two days he has unpacked so much and gotten the house in order for our arrival on Friday.

     There are still a million more things to do, but it’s coming together box by box. It’s pretty frustrating to not be there to organize and arrange, but trust me…..I will have that house whipped into shape within a few days.

What he hasn’t had to deal with, is the sad reality of saying so many goodbyes. It’s basically the most painful week I’ve ever spent. Hour after hour of hugs and tears and I’ll see you soons. But even with the extreme sadness, I’m excited about the adventure ahead. The anticipation is finally going to be over and we get to dive in and explore our new life.


Today is moving IN day, I’m just not there to be a part of it. But John is in Nashville to meet the moving trucks, and to close escrow, and unpack boxes, and all the other things that need to happen before we get out there. But LOOK at how amazing the house is turning out…

             I actually can’t believe we get to LIVE here in just two more days. More moving-in pics to come, but this is from day one on the ground.

Also, John unpacked the wine glasses before unpacking any other box. My hero.


It’s hard to believe that this is the week we move. John is already in Nashville to meet the moving trucks, and we move out there as a family on FRIDAY. Which leaves me 3 full days to wrap up my entire Los Angeles life, say goodbye to my friends, try to remind my family that we are not moving to Australia and that we will still see them all the time, and somehow manage to keep my kids fed and bathed in the process. I’m overwhelmed. No, that doesn’t seem to be an appropriate description for how I’m feeling. I get overwhelmed in traffic. This….this is different. This is more like, it’s cocktail hour somewhere and does anyone have some xanax kind of a feeling.

I’m trying to take it one day at a time and not overthink the week ahead. But in trying to not think too far ahead, I’m also trying to not think too far behind. Because when I start to think about our life in LA, our home, our families – well, no amount of wine really dulls that pain! Although A for effort, because I’m really trying to see if I can make it work.

Here’s the last pic of us as a family in front of our house in LA. Red door and all. I loved that house so much and what did I say about not looking behind???? Tears. Gotta go.