One might ask… what does a Jewish girl from LA know about living in the South? You’d be correct if you guessed absolutely nothing. But I’m gonna learn, y’all.

So here’s an introduction: My name is Clea, my husband’s name is John, and our kids are Stella Blue and Sutton Gray. We’re from Los Angeles and when we tell people in Nashville that we just moved here we get a lottttttt of shocked expressions. The comments range from, “Oh wow okay, how are y’all adjusting?” to “Hahaha.”

The most common question we get asked is, “What brought y’all out here?” My husband is an entertainment photographer and got offered a great job in a great city. Pretty simple. The second question we get asked is whether we are vegetarians since we are from California. Uh, no. That would actually make living here very hard. The truth is, LA and Nashville are not separate planets, but they are definitely different. Sometimes those differences can be funny, endearing, tough, and often, they can be really great.  

I’m currently making the moves up as I go, and trying really hard to end up with a southern accent.

Email // imsouthernnow@gmail.com

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