1. There is a bug called a Chigger. What. The. Do bugs have a PR department? Someone needs to get this name changed because it is actually the worst.

2. It’s worth trying to drink a Moscow Mule because they are served in the cutest copper cups.

3. One of my FAVORITE BRANDS ever, Turkish-T, is based in Nashville and I never knew it. Currently trying to figure out how to get them to hire me.

4. There is a lot of attention right now on anything bearing a confederate flag or symbol – but nothing compares to the statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest off I-65. General Forrest was a general for the Confederate Army, but also the first Grand Wizard of the KKK. So clearly…. his likeness surrounded by several confederate flags sparks some controversy. But there is no way even the most offended person can look at this statue without laughing. It’s literally so ridiculous looking that Gawker had to chime in on the debate.

5. Second part to the General Forrest statue: THAT’S the general that Forrest Gump was named after! Remember when he said he was named after some army general that used to ride around on a horse in bed sheets? And that his mama named him that as a reminder that sometimes people “do things that just don’t make no sense” – remember?? I did. At 10pm last night…So I naturally I spent the next hour researching Forrest Gump trivia to verify my evolving theory.

6. Cheekwood Gardens, from my last post, was actually a 55 acre estate owned by the Maxwell House Coffee family (the Cheeks). The current museum sits in their former 30,000 sq foot mansion. Moral of the story: Invent a coffee brand.

7. More people are on Zyrtec in Tennessee than anywhere else in the country. Bummer.

8. The Peach Truck. OMG it’s the best. It was founded by a married couple: The wife was from the north and the husband was from the south, and they settled in Nashville. But when he discovered he couldn’t get decent peaches in Tennessee, he made it his mission to drive down to Georgia farms, bring them back by the ton, and sell them right out of his car. And now they have many, many trucks. And Uber, who will deliver the peaches as well. (**I still think there’s more money in coffee)

9. Shopping carts are called “buggies” here. I’m sorry, but no. I’m a grown-ass woman and will not call a cart a buggy.

10. Gas is $2.63 #sorrynotsorry

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Clea Shearer

Los Angeles native living in Nashville. Mother to Stella Blue and Sutton Gray and wife to the best photographer in the US of A. Currently learning to live life with a southern accent.

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