I’m from California.. we take Mexican food seriously. And while the good people over at Chipotle are well intentioned, they have no idea how to make a proper taco. So you can imagine how excited John and I were to try Mas Tacos in East Nashville. We have been hearing about since we got here (seriously, even our electrician said we needed to go) and we finally made it over to the east part of town.

Upon approach, the giant DELIcious signage leads me to believe the owners are putting all their hard earned money into the amazing corn tortilla’s and not paying a dime to paint over the former tenants roof. Once you get inside, your mouth starts watering because nothing has ever smelled so good. Then the food. Holy guacamole. Just kidding, they are too hip for guacamole, but the TACOS are everything. Each taco is $3 which includes “onions, cilantro, and tax.” Usually, I only enjoy 1 out of 3 of those, but I’m sure glad I made an exception. I opted for 1 cast iron chicken taco with salsa verde and 1 spicy carne molida taco. And the Mexican street corn because obviously. It was all delicious, and if the line hadn’t been out the door and down the street, I would have ordered seconds.

PS: Guy in green shorts below for the win.

Published by

Clea Shearer

Los Angeles native living in Nashville. Mother to Stella Blue and Sutton Gray and wife to the best photographer in the US of A. Currently learning to live life with a southern accent.

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