1. The weather here changes in a hot minute. At 6pm, you’re headed to the pool and at 7pm, it is straight up the Wizard of Oz outside.

2. On that note, thunderstorms. They are not like the LOL thunderstorms we have in Los Angeles… they are like earth shattering, ear splitting, sky on fire thunderstorms. But oddly, they are kind of amazing? When people from other states used to say they missed a “good thunderstorm” I’d look at them like they were insane. Who likes thunderstorms, anyway.. serial killers? But now I kinnnnnd of understand the appeal (as long as you are indoors and with ample wine).

3. This week in awkward contractions: Oughtn’t. I can’t pronounce it or use it in a sentence.

4. For the last 18 years, the Arbor Foundation has named Nashville “Tree City USA.” We have a lot of trees!

5. Whomever is in charge of writing the highway signs here has found his or her calling. They come up with such zingers as, “Get your head out of your apps and watch the road.” And, “You’re in Tennessee, slow down and enjoy the view.” And my personal favorite, “Buckle up, y’all! It’s the law!”

6. There are SO MANY AMAZING BARNS off of every road. It’s actually stressful to think of the amount of photo shoots I need to have in front of every single one. Traditional red or weathered wood? So many options!

7. Moonshine got its name because it was produced illegally at night to avoid discovery. Also, apparently moonshine is whiskey.

8. There are no salads at BBQ restaurants. Unless you count coleslaw.

9. People who live in Nashville will not generally admit to watching the show Nashville. (I call bullshit on this)

10. Nashville celebrated Pride and the SCOTUS ruling with huge double rainbows. I know we are technically in the bible belt so I really wasn’t sure what the reaction was going to be… But the streets and shops and signs were filled with love and enthusiasm. What a beautiful thing.

Published by

Clea Shearer

Los Angeles native living in Nashville. Mother to Stella Blue and Sutton Gray and wife to the best photographer in the US of A. Currently learning to live life with a southern accent.

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