First of all, I know it’s been a whillllllllle since I posted, but I’ve been really busy being SICK AS F*CK since New Year’s Day. So happy 20 effing 16.

  1. I guess if you live outside of Los Angeles you get sick all the time. And stay sick. Because it’s an actual winter and when they came up with the term “cold” they were not being ironic.
  2. Remember when it would drop to like 48 degrees in LA in the DEAD of winter at 3am and we just could not believe how devastatingly cold it was? HAHAHAHAHA. It’s 19 degrees right now. IMG_8632
  3. 4 wheel drive is actually a real thing that you need. Who knew?
  4. I like country music. Didn’t see this coming. IMG_9444
  5. I used to hate award season because John would be gone ALL day on show days. Now he has to fly to LA and he’s gone for days at a time and I’m like remind me again why we moved across the county?
  6. We now have a proper bagel establishment, appropriately titled Proper Bagel. I love EVERYTHING about this place and the most die-hard New Yorker would too. The lox is flown in from Brooklyn and they filter the water the same way, and they force you to wait in line and order specifically according to the menu just like a true New York establishment. True love.
  7. Gwyneth Paltrow came to town and I – along with everyone in Nashville – rushed to the Antique and Garden show to see her speak. And all of a sudden I was like, CLEA GET A GRIP YOU ARE FROM LA. I need to shake it off. IMG_9539
  8. When we first thought about moving to Nashville, we thought we’d live in the suburb of Brentwood because the schools are best in the state, the taxes are low, and the houses are huge. After 8 months we’ve already sold our house, for a smaller house, right in town, where taxes are twice as much, the schools are 5 times as shitty, and the crime is twice as high. Ah… home sweet home. #privateschoolforever
  9. John eats shit tacos from every gross stand in town and he got food poisoning from the green juice at Whole Foods. Not sure this is a southern thing – but still so funny to me.
  10. When it snows, schools close. When they think it’s going to snow, schools close. When it snowed 3 effing days ago but it’s mildly cold and maybe some shaded over spots have remnants of snow, schools close.


It’s 2016 so naturally I need to make some resolutions. The first couple are easy:

  1. Drink at LEAST as many glasses of water per day as glasses of wine.
  2. Cook more. Okay fine, cook at all.

But the main thing I’d like to accomplish this year is to cut myself some slack. Sometimes I let my family, my over-achiever friends, that skinny mom at school drop off who ALREADY went to pilates, get the best of me. And honestly, I’m sick of feeling like I have to defend the way I am. I’m not a fun mom, I’m not a mom who does crafts, I’m not a mom who bakes, and I’m really really not sorry. I’m a busy mom, and a working mom, and well-dressed mom (my kids will thank me later for that one), and I think that’s perfectly fine.

You know what else? John does all of the above better than I do. He will even play dolls. WHAT IS WORSE THAN PLAYING DOLLS. Nothing. But he will do it and I won’t. Mommy enjoys more task driven games… like cleaning. And organizing bookshelves. But I’M fine with that. And if my kids aren’t, well there’s nothing a Disney movie can’t fix, amirite?

So for 2016, I’m vowing to not give a shit. I’m okay being me. Cheers, y’all.



  1. It’s impossible to get good Sushi here. Someone actually recommended I try Peter’s Sushi. UM there is no chance anyone named PETER is making good sushi.
  2. Chattanooga is not in Nashville. In fact, I hear it’s pretty far away.
  3. The CMA awards happen like 15 times a year, I’m positive. Anytime I ask John what he’s shooting, I’m pretty sure he says the CMA awards.
  4. All kids are supposed to address adults using Ms or Mr – so like Ms Clea and Mr John. Do my kids really have to do this? I think they have to say ma’am and sir as well. I cannot underscore how unlikely this is..
  5. There is such a thing as a “construction fire.” It’s when construction workers build a LARGE fire at 5am when they start working because it’s freezing out and inadvertantly terrify Californians who think the neighborhood is on fire and calls 911.  
  6. There is a place called London, Kentucky and some people will tell you they just got back from London AS THOUGH THERE IS NO OTHER SUPER FAMOUS CITY NAMED LONDON.
  7. November is apparently when ladybugs invade Nashville. I don’t mean that you might see a few – I mean they are everrrrrrywhere. Like two on your arm at any given time, in the car, on the walls. Oh and they are Japanese ladybugs which bite. The bug situation here is NOT okay. Even our ladybugs bite?! We can’t even catch a ladybug break?
  8. Restaurants are closed on the most random and irritating days. Who closes on a Tuesday? What is even the point of that? And why do they think I’ll be able to store that information in my head when I show up expecting to eat dinner?
  9. Related: My favorite restaurant – which is closed on Tuesdays – will not let you order food “to go” to take home to anyone. You have to order the meal, let it come to the table, and then request a box and slide the food into it……… Maybe get over yourself.
  10. Fall is so pretty. Just be careful not to accidentally tag an Instagram picture of pretty Tennessee hills with the incorrect area or face the wrath of the internet. I got about 1000 comments in shouty caps.  


Since we spent last week in the hospital with Stella, I thought I’d devote a mini-post to some new things I discovered while staying at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

  1. There is no wine in the entire hospital which seems like a real missed opportunity.
  2. Hospital parking IS FREE. Do you know how much I used to pay at Cedars Sinai? Like $42 an hour.
  3. The guest bed situation in the hospital room is an absolute travesty. Like a legit prison cot from Orange is the New Black. I had to go buy all new linens and a mattress topper just to survive the second night. John opted for judgey martyrdom instead of soft blankets, but that’s cool, I had the last comfortable laugh. Sad prison cot pictured below. 
  4. Apparently glitter nail polish can’t be worn during an MRI because it’s metallic. Stella was pretty calm and collected the entire time we were there, but once we tried taking off her nail polish, SHIT HIT THE FAN.
  5. In our discharge papers, we had to promise not to let Stella drive tractors. Not exaggerating even a little.

Thank you all for your concern and good wishes the past couple of weeks. Stella is so brave… Her parents are not. On the way to the ER, she spent the ambulence ride discussing her rings with the paramedics. I spent the ride gripping my seat and trying to not throw up. 

Stella lasted three days hooked up to an EEG with a million wires on her head and body. She looked a little like a human iPhone being charged, but we decided her head wrap was very Grey Gardens. We’re headed back to Vanderbilt in a couple of months to do some further testing in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Another (less funny) thing i’ve recently learned is that it’s very difficult to diagnose a seizure unless the event is captured under proper surveillance. So we will be checking in for a full week in hopes we get some answers. The good news is that she’s totally fine in the meantime, and received 32 Elsa dolls and a unicorn for her good behavior.

Thanks for the support. We love all y’all. That’s southern for “many people.”

xo, C


What’s it like to go back home when you’re still a Nashville newlywed? As it turns out, not as painful as I thought. It helps that it was 100 degrees (not exaggerating by a single digit), that rush hour is a constant – there’s just a 45 minute window around 11:30 that traffic lightens up slightly, and that parking spaces seem to have become even smaller. So that all helped. But even with the normal difficulties, there’s no place like home. I’m sorry, but the air just smells like gardenias and jasmine to me.. EVEN IF IT’S COATED IN SMOG. Also, I’m able to buy Zonin Prosecco at Trader Joes for $6.99 on a SUNDAY so there’s that.


Look, I missed a week or two of posts.. But read my last entry and you’ll see why. I’ve just been busy! And don’t you want me to be busy? So I’m not just your loser friend who moved to Nashville and binge watches reality TV while drinking champagne? Okay fine, I do that too. Now without further adieu:

  1. I went to temple on Yom Kippur (there ARE jews here) and the temple is called The Temple. Because what would you confuse it with? Another temple? Nope.
  2. I just found out that Sheryl Crow bought a CHURCH on EBAY and had it shipped to her Nashville house. When I say house, I think it’s more like kingdom of barns and architectural digest mansion – but I haven’t been, so let’s just call it a house. Still, she bought a church on ebay. And paid for shipping. Even Kanye West hasn’t done that. 
  3. Speaking of churches, I’ve discovered two types of Sunday traffic patterns: Utterly deserted and flying around town like you own the city, and DEAD STOPPED because church just let out. Avoid the latter.
  4. Pretty much everyone I have become friends with in Nashville is married to a Jeffrey or a Jermey. I have no idea who is who so as their name is coming out of my mouth its a 50% chance I’m getting it wrong.
  5. I went to brunch at Josephine, a restaurant in 12 South. I ordered the J’breakfast. The waitress was relatively mortified and told me it was the “J Breakfast” and not to be an uppity french asshole. My bad! Also, missed opportunity Josephine… J’breakfast is tres chic.
  6. I was told “you can’t swing a dead cat” is a southern expression… Well let me say for the record, it’s a GROSS one. But fine, I looked it up, because that’s what I do.. And the etymology is from the Mark Twain book Innocents Abroad. The book is about being abroad. Not in the South. But do we take credit for all things Mark Twain? Like how we take credit for all things Taylor Swift? What the hell, add it to the list.
  7. Taylor Swift, her holiness, came to town and IT WAS THE MOST FUN NIGHT EVER. Like, ever. I went on Friday and saw her perform with Steven Tyler and thought it was the best. Then John shot the second night and Mick Jagger came out. So number 1, a night of marital difficulty. Number 2, I want to kill myself just thinking about it. Here’s one of John’s show-offy-look-how-great-life-is pics. 
  8. Don’t hate me but gas is $1.95… It just keeps on dropping!!! Like will it be free one day? I DON’T KNOW!!!!
  9. A couple of days ago it was really windy and there was some pollen fluttering around the house. Stella thought it was snow. This might not go well in the winter!
  10. You can ship lox and bagels from New York. I know this because I just organized someone’s house where he had a file of lox and bagel receipts. #goals 


Sometimes I can’t believe a single person reads my ramblings on my rambling blog. But it turns out, when I got really busy, and didn’t have time to post about my humdrum southern life, people actually noticed! Again, shocking. Maybe you all don’t realize there are interesting things to read by interesting people.. but whatever, I’ll take it.

At least I’ve been busy for a good reason, right? Last month, I co-founded a home organizing company called The Home Edit. I did not expect to be this busy this quickly, kind of like I didn’t expect anyone to read anything I wrote. But I sure am grateful for both.

Here are some pics of what I’ve been working on. I mean…. What could possible say I’m Southern Now more than organizing someone’s koozie collection?

See you soon, y’all.